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Your best choice for roof algae removal

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Something's not right. You've noticed black stains across your roof and you're worried that it could be eating away at both the shingles and the wood of your roof itself. You're right! Excessive moisture in your roof can cause algae and mold (which are the black stains you see), and those harmful organisms can absolutely destroy the integrity of your roof over time.


When this happens, you need remediation from the true experts, and you need it today. You need to make the right choice and call Best Choice Pressure Cleaning for a permanent fix to your problem!


Best Choice removes all mold and algae quickly and efficiently with our patented, no-pressure roof cleaning procedure. Under our watchful eye, we eradicate all harmful growths on your shingles without damaging pressure washers or harsh scrubbers. Our procedure is 100% safe for any type of roof construction and we make your roof look like new again.


The real magic is in the algae-fighting compounds we use on each and every job. We utilize modern science - combining sodium hypochlorite with a gentle rinse of water - to loosen algae and debris and simply wash it away. Our process is incredibly effective against almost every type of harmful spore growth and fully approved by the National Roofing Association.


We apply the pressure so you don't have to

Nashville: 615-594-1739

How much pressure and water are required to get your surfaces cleaned safely and efficiently? Power washing combines the force of water and a cleaning solution to break down, lift, and wash away dirt and stains. From driveways and sidewalks to roofing and the side of your home, Best Choice Pressure Cleaning is your source for power washing done well, and done right.

We Wash: 

  • House exteriors
  • Driveways
  • Gutters
  • Commercial buildings
  • Decks
  • Fences

Our Process:

  1. Before we begin cleaning, we determine the square footage you will need cleaned, decide what cleaning solutions will be necessary, and determine whether heated cleaning will be required (for most commercial jobs, heated cleaning is necessary).
  2. We adjust our pressure washers to the proper power level needed to clean your surface thoroughly - without damaging paint or finishes.
  3. We then pressure wash and rinse the entire surface area. At your request, we can also provide sealant, giving the surface a glossy finish and helping preserve the concrete.


Your best choice for residential & commercial painting

Nashville: 615-594-1739

Best Choice Pressure Cleaning now offers residential and commercial painting services! Get in touch today for more information!

"Great job! Just had our roof cleaned and this is the company to use! Customer service and excellent performance is their focus, which, unfortunately, is rare these days. Hire them!"

Matt S.

"I had what they call a house wash done before putting my house on the market. They were very thorough, and I'm quite happy with the results. It was pretty dingy before the cleaning, but looks great now. They have very good communication and make use of modern technology to coordinate appointments. I called them to request a quote, and less than 2 minutes after hanging up was sent an online link to book the appointment. It was confirmed the day before and they were right on time."

Rob F.

"I have to say Best Choice did a superb job on our brick Home in Germantanown just recently. Not only was it the coldest day of the year, but my wife tells me that they were most friendly and helpful workers she has hired in quite some time. When I arrived several days after their work on our exterior, I was very impressed and highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting their home treated for mold and or mildew."

Brad S.

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